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Oct 22, 2020

Get to Know Her

MINI | How do you manage the day -to-day of running Wovn Home with motherhood?

Davina Ogilvie | I like to focus on each day at a time and am a big to-do list person; checklists keep me organized and productive. But most importantly, checklists help me in identifying what is essential, workwise, and what can be done tomorrow. This frees me up to spend the quality time I enjoy with my son.

I find that the days I am accomplished or productive are the days where I feel most excited and energized. This attitude makes me more present when I am with my son. I hope one day he recognizes how much his mother loved her job and will be inspired to do what he loves too.

MINI | What has been your proudest career moment to date?

Davina Ogilvie | When I was figuring out the flow of Wovn’s website experience, my goal was to make it as seamless as possible for others. That’s to say—there’s a ton that goes into customizing and making window treatments: How could I convey the important bits of information in a way that was digestible to others?

The first time a customer made a purchase online, I received a nice email about the shopping experience. That was a really happy moment. It helped to validate the concept and customer experience for me.

MINI | What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in business thus far?

Davina Ogilvie | In identifying suppliers and fine-tuning production, I traveled quite a bit abroad. I ultimately decided to source fabrics from Belgium and base all production with family run workrooms in North Carolina. Operating this way ensures quality is never compromised while keeping prices accessible. I learned that it takes time and effort to get what you want, particularly when running a business, but that time and effort is always worth it.

MINI | Do you ever experience self-doubt running your own company? How do you get past it?

Davina Ogilvie | As a solo founder, there have been isolating moments when I felt pressure to make the right decisions for the business on my own. There were definitely times when I would have liked someone else to bounce ideas off of.

With that said, there are advantages to being a solo founder. I’m able to react and make decisions quickly, which is necessary in an ever-changing retail environment. And I do enlist the help of subject matter experts to complement my own skill set, understanding where and when you need support is so important!

MINI | Where do you see your brand going in the future?

Davina Ogilvie | In the near term, I’m planning to launch more beautiful fabrics and patterns as well as embark on some exciting collaborations with other brands. I also see us coming out with more products that clients can customize for their home to suit their own style and tastes.


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