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Apr 28, 2021

Wovn Home Makes Custom Window Treatments Easy and Affordable

Designers have told us over and over again: custom window treatments can take your room from blah to sophisticated in as much time as it takes to install them. But if you ask us, the process has always seemed confusing, expensive, and out of reach. How exactly do you measure? Don't you need to hire an interior designer to guide you through the process? 

Meet Wovn Home. This direct-to-consumer custom window treatment company simplifies the entire process of choosing drapes, Roman shades, or drapery rods by utilizing a smart questionnaire that guides the customer through the entire process. Launched by Davina Ogilvie in September of 2019, Wovn Home is a game changer in the custom window treatment business. 

"Purchasing custom window treatments is often a confusing, long, and very expensive process," Ogilvie tells MyDomaine. "In creating Wovn Home, I wanted to break down the options, so customers could easily make the choices that go into designing the ideal window treatment. Through a few simple steps, our website easily guides customers through the selection of treatment style, fabric, lining, measurements and other details to create window treatments that suit their needs and aesthetic."

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