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May 08, 2023

Wovn Interviews: Augusta Hoffman

The New York based designer is known for combining timeless architecture with modern, unexpected interior furnishings and objects. We sat down with Augusta to hear about what's on her mind and what's inspiring her at home and at work.

Wovn Home: What’s one of your most treasured souvenirs?

I flew back from Marrakech with a suitcase full of green Tamegroute pottery. The bold color brings so much spirit to my kitchen!

What’s in your cart?

I have been eyeing an Otto Schultz lounge chair for quite a while - time to hit purchase.

What’s one thing you’d like your work to be known for?

Happy clients.

Photography by Tim Lenz

Where’s your happy place?

My living room in NYC - even better when filled with friends and cocktails on a Friday evening.

What’s for dinner?

I went to culinary school in my early twenties, but now my husband is the cook - he surprises me with an amazing dinner every night! 

Photography by Tim Lenz

Where to next?

Currently planning a trip to Japan later this spring. It is my dream design destination.

What’s the song that gets you going on a slow day?

Shania Twain always helps.

Photography by Tim Lenz

What’s your favorite:

Color: Sage Green

Weekend activity: Going on a long walk through nyc with my husband and dog - We somehow always end up at Bar Pisellino.

Museum: Casa Luis Barragan or the Rodin Museum

Drink: Margarita on the rocks, no salt please!

Artist: I could never decide! Always inspired by Cy Twombly, Agnes Martin, Richard Serra and Gerhard Richter

Restaurant: Estela

Design Era: Georgian

Hotel: My husband and I were married at Hotel Il Pellicano. It will always be my favorite!

Follow (on Instagram): Really loving the drama on Keith Mcnally’s profile

Thing to do at the window: People watch

What’s your dream project? I would love to design a townhome in London, or maybe I am just trying to be Rose Uniacke!

Photography by Kirsten Francis


To find out more about Augusta's work, please reach out to her here.

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