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Aug 29, 2023

Wovn Interviews: Atelier Davis

Jessica Davis’ multi-faceted design studio Atelier Davis offers a creative vision that spans across interiors, landscape design, furniture design and her notable in house hardware brand Nest Studio. Atelier Davis is known for imaginative design solutions, making spaces as livable as they are eye-catching. 


Jessica Davis Atelier Davis
Photography by Aaron Grant

WOVN HOME: Who do you most admire? 

I am such a fan of Pamela Shamshiri and her ability to marry modern interiors with a respect for architecture, even in traditional spaces. She adds a touch of whimsy, color and sophistication. She has it all.

What is your favorite memory from your childhood home?

I have such a strong memory of the amazing mix of Chinese antiques and modern 70s art and furniture that my parents had growing up in Hong Kong. I also remember this beautiful salmon colored wall that my dad painted, with a collection of paintings.  It’s a color that I come back to time and again.


jessica davis David Duncan Livingston

Photography by David Duncan Livingston

Where is your favorite window and why?

I love old windows but I think my favorites are curved corner windows in art deco buildings. They’re equally cool from the exterior view to indoors. I love the way they define a space - a breakfast area or reading nook surrounded by a soft curve of windows.

What’s one of your most treasured souvenirs?

I bought this beautiful etching in Venice when I was traveling with my friend after high school. It has lived in college dorm rooms in an ikea frame, apartments in Boston and New York and eventually upgraded to a beautiful gold custom frame and lives on the wall in my corridor.  It reminds me of those carefree times and my love of finding things when I travel.  

jessica davis Emily Followill

Photography by Emily Followill

What’s in your cart?

Jewelry by Grainne Morton. I discovered her stuff at a store in Asheville and am obsessed!

What’s one thing you’d like your work to be known for? 

Playfulness. I never want my spaces to take themselves too seriously.

Where’s your happy place? 

In my garden. Or rather, at the garden center buying plants for my garden! I don’t have a method to my madness but I absolutely love finding and learning about new plants and flowers and testing them out.

What’s for dinner?

Anything with fresh tomatoes from my garden.  I especially love roasting them with basil, garlic, olive oil and having just that with a baguette and wine. 

Where to next?

Panama! We are heading to Panama with our kids for fall break and I am so excited to see the architecture in the casco viejo, the engineering marvels of the canal and all the natural wonders!

What’s the song that gets you going on a slow day?

Kids by MGMT - reminds me of driving down the Pacific Coast Highway


jessica atelier davis

Photography by Emily Followill

What’s your favorite…

Color: Ask me tomorrow and it will probably be different but at the moment any shade of green.
Weekend activity: Trying out new restaurants around town and hitting up estate sales
Museum: the Nasher Sculpture Garden in Dallas - love the mix of landscape and art
Piece of advice: Interior Design isn’t brain surgery.  I always like to remember that an interior design emergency is not a life and death situation.  We all want to make clients happy, but it helps to have some perspective.
Drink: Extra dirty Titos martini with blue cheese olives
Artist: Per Adolfsen
Restaurant: Miller Union in Atlanta
Design Era: Art Deco
Hotel:  The LA Proper Hotel
Follow (on Instagram): Bryan Graybill
Thing to do at the window: Daydream


atelier davis Emily Followill

Photography by Emily Followill


What’s your dream/fantasy project?

A vintage country house in the Hudson Valley

What is your favorite Wovn Home fabric?

curtain fabric

Textured Peony linen
I love this shade of orangy pink. So beautiful as a roman shade with light coming through.


linen fabric

Chagall Andaman Linen
I love the abstract pattern on this particular shade of blue.

linen curtain fabric

Petunia Vivid Linen
How could someone not love this!? It's so playful and happy.


To learn more about Jessica's work, visit her website here.

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